• Air purifier Sansevieria zeylanica(snake plant)


    Sansevieria zeylanica are not as common , but they are just as bullet-proof and just as stunning. Easy care, shade loving, hard to kill, air-purifying… these beautiful plants have it all.

    Items include
    Sansevieria zeylanica(snake plant) – Plant
    4 inch (10 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot

    Note: Reference product Images are shown here. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on weather conditions.


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  • Cactus succulents


    Stems 1 to several, more or less spherical, dark green, to 2 inches in diameter, covered with spirally arranged projections called tubercles; areoles at tubercle tips, white-woolly when young; perianth parts numerous, petal-like, in several rows; outer parts greenish or brownish; inner parts pink to reddish purple; tips sharply pointed; stamens numerous, anthers bright orange. Fruits are berries, fleshy, oblong to club-shaped, green when mature; seeds tiny, pitted, yellowish brown.


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